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 Basic Meditation For Beginners

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PostSubject: Basic Meditation For Beginners   Basic Meditation For Beginners EmptyFri May 03, 2013 10:50 am

When you meditate, it is important you organize what you're going to do before starting. A lot of beginners (from what I have noticed) experience problems with meditation and have trouble doing it. More than likely, people have told you that meditating is sitting down thinking about nothing. Well, this is not necessarily true. You can think about everything you like in a calm, relaxed manner and still be meditating. For beginners, this is my advice. Just relax, tune in, and think about everything you like as calmly as possible. This is how I do my meditation. Remember--it is important you do not get hyper while doing this or you won't be in the proper state to do whatever you plan to do next. So just sit there, think about everything you like, and relax. It's very pleasant which I know from experience. Enjoy.
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Basic Meditation For Beginners
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