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 My astral adventure: The Dream, day 2

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What do you think of this dream of mine?
Wonderful idea! Good luck and I hope it turns out.
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Sounds pretty good, but you're gonna need a hand. No way you can do that alone.
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I don't know... there are better things to do...
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My astral adventure: The Dream, day 2 Empty
PostSubject: My astral adventure: The Dream, day 2   My astral adventure: The Dream, day 2 EmptyTue May 07, 2013 12:23 pm

Practice yesterday went pretty smooth. The vibrations were pretty strong yesterday. All went pretty well. I spoke with my mentor and wrote him a letter. When he looked at it, he commented about my dream I had mentioned in it. What's my dream? Well, you see... I advocate for the demons and Father Satan. I am a spiritual Satanist. Here's the gist of my dream... I want to travel the astral, build an army there, and go on a conquest there in order to build a demonic paradise. Please note that in truth, Satan and his demons are not evil... they are actually very wonderful and in my opinion, make ideal friends. I am their friend. I have always strived to help them and give them what they want and need. And more than anything, I think they need their own paradise. So once I learn, I'll become proficient and travel the astral building and expanding a demonic paradise--just for them. I spoke to them about this dream, and most of them would really like to lend me a hand. And I'm going to need the help. I can't build this paradise and do all that fighting alone! One, it's too rough. Two, it'll be too exhausting and take way too much energy. Believe it or not, that's an awful lot for one girl to do herself, you know? So I'm getting help from a couple demon friends. And I'm going to build my own power through meditation so I'm strong enough to handle this. Because obviously, there will be obstacles here. This won't come easy, and, more than likely, someone will want to stop me. So I need to prepare by raising my serpent as much as possible before I learn. I may have plenty of time. And then again, based on yesterday's results, I may be short on time. But hopefully I'm still a while off yet so I'll have time to prepare. I need as much time as possible to prepare myself. Wish me luck. Wink
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My astral adventure: The Dream, day 2
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