This Forum was created to help with many different type's of Kinesis techniques and guide's for Beginner's including many other type's of techniques for many different spiritual, psychic and kinetics
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PostSubject: Chronokinesis   Chronokinesis EmptyFri Dec 28, 2012 4:56 pm

The psi (ki) power to control one's perception of time (and perhaps, to a certain extent, space) through the mind.

Some ways a person may use chronokinesis (but not limited to them)
Real-time manipulation: Chronokinetic users are well known to control present time according to their will, rendering them essentially invincible.
TimeStop: A misnomer; time is unable to completely and utterly pause. Instead, the user slows down time to such an extent that time appears to stop, when in actuality time is just moving very, very slowly. [Slowing time (or the perception thereof) to infinitesimally low rates, i.e. "bullet time," may be possible to some extent. Indeed, hormones or neurotransmitters such as adrenaline may generate such an effect, with many observers having reported that time stopped or slowed down in times of danger. Parsimony suggests that the actual passage of time is not affected, but that the user merely speeds up his or her perception, and perhaps speed of motion.]
TimeSkip: The ability in which a user fast-forwards time at a speed where the user appears to "jump" forward in time. [Again, parsimony suggests that the user merely slows his or her perception of time, so time appears to fly or even jump past. Perhaps in a deep meditative state, one can remain relatively motionless for a prolonged period of time while from their perspective, time passes "in the blink of an eye."]
TimeWarp: Limited to the 4D-manipulation theory, the user targets a single third-dimensional area in which time would exist separately according to his whim. An example would be slowing down a falling ball without affecting the anything else.
Rewind: A highly controversial ability, it allows the user to go back in time, bringing about the endless contradictions concerning time paradoxes. One theory realizes the possibility that one simply transports his presence back in time, but is unable to change anything and instead watches the past like a "movie." [Incidentally, whether one can change the past or merely act as an observer is irrelevant, actually rewinding time must of course be impossible so long as chronokinesis is understood as only affecting one's perception of, or interaction with, time. Photographic memory is an entirely different matter, but one would be limited to their own memory and experience, and perhaps imagination.]
Time ray: An abillity that Chronokinesis user's can posses that require's focussing psi energy and combinding the chronokinetic abillity to form a beam that can either age things such as people or object's excetra, or make thing's younger.
Time Travel: An ability to go back in time or go forward to the future and alter the past,future.

Now onto meditation techniques.
Tech. 1: First, sit in a quiet room. Take an analog/digital clock and place it beside you. Close your eyes and place your hands beside you. Start thinking of a group of time fragments, slowly try to use your hands to compress them. The fragments have to be squeezed together without any gaps left. By then, your analog/digital clock would have stopped ticking for few moments. If you lose your concentration, time moves again. *You can also use a watch clock*

Chrono-Armor: Gather up some psi energy, and cast it around your body. Now, fuse that energy with chronokinetic energy. If you did it right, then anything that hits you either won't hurt, or turn into nothing. (depends on how big the object is, and how much energy you casted)
Chrono-Ball: This can temporarily slow or stop an enemy or stun them also you can cause pain with it to do this you have to slow down the partical of time in your hand make them very slow then make it dense and manageable when ready throw the ball
Chrono-Portal: To do this, you must gather up some ki energy. And cast it in an oval shape (It helps the energy flow better) And make the oval as flat as you can. Now visualize that there is no such thing as time (where you're located anyway) and start slowing down the particles inside of the oval. The slower the particles the further back (or forward) you go.
Chrono-Blast:To do it, put ki into your arms now slow down the particles within the ki then blast it. This just slows down (or speeds up) the area that you blast.

There is also chronopathy (knowing what time it is anytime and anywhere, even without a clock of some sort) but that is not a kinesis. So go research it if you want to learn it.

I spent about 30 mins. researching this and putting it together. So enjoy the "new" kinetic ability. Cool
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Rulan eta maximume

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PostSubject: Re: Chronokinesis   Chronokinesis EmptyTue Jan 22, 2013 2:16 pm

What does Chronokinetic energy feel like.? I feel like this is a good kinetic for me to practice but the way I work is connection threw feeling I must first understand the feeling of the energy to create or attract it to me.?
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PostSubject: Re: Chronokinesis   Chronokinesis EmptyFri Mar 01, 2013 9:55 am

I heard about this kinesis elsewhere and have plans to practice it... so when I do practice it I will post and keep up to date on my progress. I'm always trying to add to my powers, so I'm always coming here to look for new kinesis to learn that I have never done. I will also post any kinesis I know that aren't listed here. I will post when I start practicing this kinesis in a separate topic and talk about my progress as I go.
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