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 Am i doing it right?

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Am i doing it right? Empty
PostSubject: Am i doing it right?   Am i doing it right? EmptySun May 17, 2015 8:03 pm

Hi guys, this is my first time here in this forum, and i have been interested in electrokinesis.
I just wanna ask experts out there to see if i am doing things correctly.
I started yesterday at 17:00.
and have been following this

First off i started to lean my back on the wall while raising my right hand and closing my eyes, trying to feel energy flowing in and out of my body, and i felt a little i don't know what it is on my right index and right thumb.
And some people say that i can train 40 mins before sleeping by closing my eyes and feel the energy flowing through my right arm. Btw right arm is my recessive while my left arm is my dominant but i kinda got used to do stuff with my right hand like eating....fa*ping.

Then later this morning  I woke up between 8:00 - 9:00 and I tried practicing the 40 minute sleep thing.
I raised my right hand again and leaned it against the wall while closing my eyes and trying to feel the energy.
My left palm is on top of me touching my chest while my right palm is touching nothing while my backhand is leaning against the wall.

I felt those tiny things again on my right index and thumb, but this time i started a feeling a little spark on my right pinky.
Later my fingers are vibrating and moving towards each other, then later my right hand felt numb.

Am i doing it right? if no then tell me techniques, if yes then tell me techniques.
Thank you have a nice day..
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Mala Furnace
Mala Furnace

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Am i doing it right? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Am i doing it right?   Am i doing it right? EmptySat Dec 05, 2015 11:38 pm

there is no right or wrong way of practicing, provided you are feeling something.If you feel anything at all, that is an indication of progress and proper practice. There are many different ways of learning to do these things. when i first began electrokinesis, i began by focusing the voltage on my hands. my hands would sweat and i would feel the sparks after only a couple days of practice. that was and still is one of my specialties. there are rumors saying its possible to summon lightning with enough skill, but this could be extremely dangerous (if its true) if you cant control where you want it to go.
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Am i doing it right?
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