This Forum was created to help with many different type's of Kinesis techniques and guide's for Beginner's including many other type's of techniques for many different spiritual, psychic and kinetics
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 Important Message Regarding Mailing Me

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Mala Furnace
Mala Furnace

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PostSubject: Important Message Regarding Mailing Me   Wed Sep 03, 2014 7:54 pm

Apologies from me for not being here often enough. Things were very hectic for me offline and I haven't had time to check my kinetics mail. I am back for the time being and will be trying my best to reply to mail. However, I have so much mail now that it's impossible for me to reply to it all in a single day, so please do not mail me any more than 1 message a day for the next 2 months. I am so busy I cannot reply to all the messages I get in a single day. I get a lot of mail because I am a kinetics mentor on this site. I get lots of mail. Thank you for taking the time to read this...
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Important Message Regarding Mailing Me
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