This Forum was created to help with many different type's of Kinesis techniques and guide's for Beginner's including many other type's of techniques for many different spiritual, psychic and kinetics
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 Private Meditation Assistance

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PostSubject: Private Meditation Assistance   Private Meditation Assistance EmptySun Aug 17, 2014 4:50 pm

[right]first things first, I don't know what happend but the site seem very inactive recently, so lets see if I can perhaps stimulate some responses. But on to the matter at hand, if anyone would like to receive assistance or guidance on meditation or if any relatively new anyone new to meditation would like to experience a deep trance state, I can offer a private hypnosis or advice in the form of either Skype, Facebook, or through the websites PM. If your interested send me a pm and we can proceed from there.
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Private Meditation Assistance
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