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 this weather surge around the US

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this weather surge around the US Empty
PostSubject: this weather surge around the US   this weather surge around the US EmptySun Jan 05, 2014 3:06 pm

Yeah, people make shit up.  I know.  Take this as a hypothetical if anything.
My cousin asked for snow for Christmas.  The forecast was bleak for the next two weeks, mid 40's.
I've always had the ability to move clouds, redirect wind pressures to blow smoke at friends at fires, and even shift the weather patterns over the years.
Last year we had a snow-less winter.  I didn't want to shovel, and it was so.
This year, it took me 10 seconds to reshape the cold front and set it on coarse for Christmas.  and it worked!  just in time, temperatures dropped to mid 20's and we got snow.
We joked about it, and I got drunk on new years.  My cousin and I joke and cheersed one another.  He strait up thanked me for making it snow, I smiled.
I was drunk, my other cousins we're intrigued at my cousin yelling "he made it snow" and they were skeptical.  They didn't believe.
They kept asking me to do something, so I did.  I was drunk.  And told them to watch the news in a few days.
All the sudden I see these posts on facebook today wishing people well, and I had this sinking feeling inside.
On one hand I'm half freaking out and I want it to happen, because I think I did it.  On the other hand I don't want anyone to get hurt.  It's too late to stop it, but I could lessen the blow.  
Any hypothetical advice?

Did another shift. going to wait and see what happens.
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this weather surge around the US
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