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 a lucky soul

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Mala Furnace
Mala Furnace

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PostSubject: a lucky soul   a lucky soul EmptyWed Sep 11, 2013 8:02 am

One thing you have probably noticed about me based on my posts is that I gained a lot of my powers overnight. This is true that I did, and after all of that happened I vowed to help many others because I was aware of how lucky I was to have gained so many powers so fast, unlike many others from what I have noticed.

I honestly can't explain how this could happen to someone, considering the slow progression I have noticed for most people. That is why I find it very unexplainable; to say the least, I guess I have just been gifted with many natural powers, considering that I learned them overnight. I don't know how this happened, but I think something hit me. Here's the story.

I had heard a rumor going around one year stating that there was a strange energy wave going around giving people powers. I don't know how true that was, but I think it must have been true because soon after I found that out, I discovered the powers within. Considering this, I would say i probably got hit to the core by this energy wave. My power and energy has increased drastically over the past few months, making my powers hit almost like a torrent of water. I can fire death energy like a blizzard blows snow. That is a power I believe to be unique to me, considering I have met nearly no one else who can use that power. This is why I have labeled it one of my forbidden powers.

So anyway, if anyone ever needs help with anything just ask me. I am also on facebook, where my name is Amber Sicily. When searching for me on facebook, do NOT type in "Mala Furnace". You won't find me, but possibly a fraudulent page. Maybe tons of them. I'm on facebook every day. So feel free to mail me on there for help and I will get to you.
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One of darkness

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PostSubject: Re: a lucky soul   a lucky soul EmptyThu Apr 24, 2014 10:11 pm

Kind of like me, honestly mine a from the same cause (I believe a major event that happened in another plane causing a "rip" in them and causing energy formed into the soul) but came with a price, a entity with lunerkenes among other treacherous things, Todd luck to you.
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a lucky soul
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