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 My astral adventure: Good Mentor, day 3

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My astral adventure: Good Mentor, day 3 Empty
PostSubject: My astral adventure: Good Mentor, day 3   My astral adventure: Good Mentor, day 3 EmptyWed May 08, 2013 9:22 am

I have to say I really like my mentor. He knows his stuff, he's good to me, and we're just really good friends and have been for a long time. And he doesn't charge a fortune, either. If you're interested in him, then leave me a message and I'll tell you everything you need to know about him. But ONLY after he is finished with me. We've got a lot to deal with yet, and will probably, at most, be five years before I can do that. I would love to recommend him to any other Satanist who is interested. He will only train a Satanist like myself (at least I think so; don't quote me on anything please). He is an ideal mentor in my opinion. Practice and meditation went pretty smooth yesterday. I wrote my mentor another letter, but don't think he's gotten it yet. I told him I wanted him to train me in clairvoyance, yoga, and then raise my soul's power. Raising my soul's power is going to be the hard part, and I have never been able to stick to a program I set up for myself forever, which is why I'm hiring him to help me do better there. Most powers I was able to, but note that it took me months to reach the max. This was because of a lack of time and also because I had a rough time sticking to the program. I didn't ever have a mentor until now. But I like it. It's going pretty well, and besides all of that, he is my astral projection mentor. He is most proficient with clairvoyance and astral projection (these are his main specialties), but a close friend of mine recommended him to me for these other things as well. So I'll try him some more. He's a wonderful mentor. He's very kind to his students (as long as you cooperate and follow his directions exactly... don't know how he would be if you didn't), reliable, and knows his stuff very well. He's a real mentor... not someone who's in it for the money like a lot of other people. He simply enjoys the job. And more than likely, you'd like a mentor who is just the same. I am a mentor myself, but do not specialize in what he does. I specialize in many kinesis and other powers, so mail me if you need help. I'll help you if you need me to. And as always, I will be sure to keep up to date about everything I know and can help with. Once I'm done with my mentor in terms of training, I will promise to pass the knowledge on to everyone here. That's what I've done, and that's what I will always do. Wish me luck. Smile
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My astral adventure: Good Mentor, day 3
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