This Forum was created to help with many different type's of Kinesis techniques and guide's for Beginner's including many other type's of techniques for many different spiritual, psychic and kinetics
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 Cyberkinesis for beginners

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Mala Furnace

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PostSubject: Cyberkinesis for beginners   Tue Mar 05, 2013 7:15 pm

Cyberkinesis is the power to manipulate cyber energy in order to affect anything electronic on the physical. The basics here are using cyber energy to affect something electronic, like a computer. With enough technique and skill, it may be possible to kill a computer virus with this, though that is somewhat advanced. So do some easy techniques--start by making a cyber ball. This is very basic. Then program it to do what you want done (be sure you are trying to affect something like a computer, or it won't be very effective). Enjoy and good luck.
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Cyberkinesis for beginners
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