This Forum was created to help with many different type's of Kinesis techniques and guide's for Beginner's including many other type's of techniques for many different spiritual, psychic and kinetics
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 how long to practice

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PostSubject: how long to practice   Fri Dec 14, 2012 11:49 am

how long should i practice day? im very new to this kind of things, so yh im a noob. Like a Star @ heaven i read somewhere that one should not practice more than 20mins a day because if you do you will not have enough energy the day after and you will be exhausted. also how much should a pro practice. maybe if you can what do you think makes a pro? what you need to do to become one. also im my past a few years ago I and my friends used to kind of talk to satana, belial and those 'dark lords' out of that group now, but anyways lucifer gave me a gift, he was possessing a friend of my when he did that, he drew with a the index fingers nail a pentagram upside up and then did a circle that touched all the 5points of the pentagram. so yh he said thats a gift and that i hav unlimited energy. so i havent really ever tried using my powers so i dont really know. but yh if u know something about this can you kind of tell me what you about what this means. and i waant to an answer to the tile of the topic too please
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PostSubject: Re: how long to practice   Sun Jan 13, 2013 1:40 am

I would recommend practicing 15 minutes a day as a beginner any more and your ki will exhaust and cause a feeling of exhaustion, I would also reccomend not practicing when tired, depressed, sick or if any injuries occur. If you plan on practicing try in the morning when you wake up your ki is refreshed and active.
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Mala Furnace
Mala Furnace

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PostSubject: Re: how long to practice   Thu Feb 28, 2013 6:51 pm

I'm an advanced person and practice for a total of 30 minutes a day, sometimes 15 because I'm tired. I've had my kinesis grow stronger in the past from 30 minutes of practice, so that's my suggestion. That's my program.
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PostSubject: Re: how long to practice   

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how long to practice
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