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 Clairsentience / psychometry

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PostSubject: Clairsentience / psychometry   Clairsentience / psychometry EmptySun Dec 02, 2012 12:06 pm

Hello everyone, this is Epic here with clairsentience, also known as psychometry. What is clairsentience? Well, it is the ability to get impressions of something just from touch, like visions, smells, tastes, etc. It is a very interesting power, and has dated back to only a little bit ago, when there used to be psychic detectives.


Materials: An item, and a person who distinctly enough knows the origin and stuff of the item.

Step 1: Get into a comfortable position with the item in front of you.

Step 2: Put your hand on the item.

Step 3: Try to clear your mind.

Step 4: Let images come to you, don't force them to.

Step 5: Tell the owner what you saw, and see if it was right. This power becomes better with practice.

Alright, if you need any help, tell me. I'll be happy to help Very Happy

Working for the Greater Good
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Clairsentience / psychometry
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